Country Homes

Country Homes

Where Comfort Meets Countryside Charm

Welcome to our Country Homes service, where we create homes that embrace the beauty of rural living while providing modern comfort. Our team specialise in crafting cosy Country homes that cater to the unique needs of countryside living. Whether you are envisioning a classic farmhouse or a character cottage, our expert team understand the in’s and outs of country-style architecture, ensuring that each home we build captures the essence of its surroundings. 

Having worked on many rural site alongside a trusted network of knowledgeable professionals, we are well equipped to implement site specific systems which are required in rural environments. From solar power to wastewater systems to onsite water supply, we can provide a service to assist.

Our portfolio showcases many projects completed around Canterbury and Banks Peninsula, all varying in complexity with many specific functional requirements. All the homes have presented unique challenges, enhancing our level of craftmanship and ability to form practical solutions.

If it is a design build you are after, we have designers on board that can create something that truly fits your vision and meet the requirements of your ideal location. 

Areas we can assist

  • Solar panels and battery storage
  • Innovative multi use water energy recycling
  • Renewable heat sourcing
  • Rainwater retention
  • Drainage solutions
  • Wastewater establishment
  • Onsite water supply
  • Water filtration
  • Pump systems
  • Back up generators

Whatever your building project, customer satisfaction is paramount to us - your vision is our vision. We are passionate about creating enjoyable client journeys while delivering beautifully detailed character homes.

Our team has developed systems, processes and strategies for maximising quality and our precise attention to detail is key. The team are all well practised in the need for accuracy!

You can be confident that our team have the experience and passion to apply their skills and craftsmanship to any build, whether it is a complex architectural hill build, a re-creation of a historic character home or a remote off-grid Country home.

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